Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Landon is all boy! He loves playing baseball, especially hitting! He is playing summer league and is loving every minute of it! They do not win every game but he loves the challenge! Typical boy, give him a BB gun and and an unlimited supply of BBs and he will entertain himself for hours. The bird don't really care for it! He also loves to hunt and fish. Turkey hunting is his favorite! Steve, Landon, and Steve's dad went turkey hunting in Texas back in April. Landon and Steve both killed turkeys! It was a fun trip for them and a good time to spend together, just the guys.
Most of our time these days is spent at the ball field. Sydney made the Jr. Varsity Softball team for Kosciusko and she plays summer league softball. She was one of only 10 girls that made the team out of 42. She also made cheerleader, sits second chair trumpet in the band and tested into the Quest Program for intellectually gifted students. We are so proud of her accomplishments, but mostly we are proud of the caring young lady that she is becoming.
Well, here we go! My entire family has been blogging for quite a while! They have done such a good job of keeping friends and family up on our family, but Sydney and I decided that it was time we started our own blog!!! I am sure that it will be a gradual process, especially since I do not even know how to download pictures!! Yikes!! This will be on the job training so please bear with us!